Here's our Why.

All kidding aside, though, do your homework! There are a ton of amazing photographers out there … and some not so amazing.  Before you invest even the smallest amount of money, you should be able to recognize the difference.


I hope that you've looked around, browsed through portfolios, read a few good articles on custom photography(like this one) and ended up here because our photographs blow you away. (What? Too over the top?) I want you to hire us because our sense of style matches your own, because you connect with our personalities (ok, I’ll admit that’s kinda hard to do by just reading our website), because we offer the products that you’re looking for, and, yes, because this is an investment and you are confident that you’re making the right choice

(translation: you've decided we're totally worth it!).


So, now to answer the big question: What will this cost? we recommend anticipating an investment of $200-$800 per session. That doesn't mean you HAVE TO spend that much, but a lesser investment would mean having to walk away from some of your photos (and we have yet to meet a client who doesn’t end up wanting ALL of them). There is no hard sell, no hidden costs, no bait and switch. Of course, it is our job to make you want to purchase everything, but our hope is that the photos will speak for themselves. What you ultimately decide to purchase is completely up to you. Our work is 100% guaranteed, so if you are ever unsatisfied you always have the option of a reshoot or a refund.  


We are located in Angola, Indiana. Specializing in amazing photography :)